Serve Russia

    of April 16, 2008 N 276

    In connection with the entry into force of the Federal Law “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in Connection with a Reduction in the Period of Military Service upon Conscription,” the Government of the Russian Federation decides:

    To invalidate the acts of the Government of the Russian Federation on issues of granting deferrals from military draft in accordance with the attached list.

    Update: (;base=LAW;n=76294)

    I am a student of SUAI , I am a full-time student of the Department of Electronic Commerce at on a contract basis (there are no state employees at the department.), and now after a couple of laws (this and one that requires the university to have not only state accreditation for training, but also for the specialty itself, but our specialty is only 4 years old, and the first graduation is through year only), I won’t study anymore, but I’ll go to trample on my boots, or to put a summer cottage somewhere.

    For the whole year, I’ll drop out of the IT world, and this can be considered the decline of the career of a young specialist (especially under-education).

    On my own behalf, I want to thank our dear government for its wise leadership.
    Because it makes great efforts to reduce the number of people with higher education.

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