Do you also have many tabs open with the thought "I will read this later"?

    Do you also leave open tabs in Firefox like me to read them later?

    I recently came across an Australian Lifehacker post on a Firefox add-on - Taboo . This addition adds the ability to save the tab along with the meta-information - the scroll position, the data entered in the forms, etc. A screenshot is taken for each saved page.

    This is like bookmarking a page, but it will be a priceless gift when reading large articles and blogs. Suppose I’m reading Max Krainov’s note on how to sell toys to children. At the same time I am writing this note, looking through the analytics of site traffic and gradually reading my Habralent. And time is poorer, and I want to eat more and more :) After dinner, it is likely that you want to sit with your relatives, lie down, go for a walk in the park. So, with the help of Taboo, I calmly save unread tabs and close the browser. When I get back from lunch, I can calmly read the unread articles.

    Bon Appetit.

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