Rootless Root in Russian. Revelation Four.

    Foo teacher and methodologist.

    Traveling to sacred computing centers with Nubi, Teacher Foo
    liked to conduct seminars in the evenings for Unix followers of those towns and
    villages where Teacher and his student stayed overnight.

    Once at a seminar attended by a consultant on methodology.

    “If during optimization you do not check if there are any
    weaknesses in your code , you are like a fisherman who throws a net into a lake where no fish live,”
    said Teacher.

    “It’s not quite true, however, almost like that,” said the methodology consultant,“You will look like a fisherman who throws the net on the lack of fish if you do not use the process approach of constantly measuring your own productivity when managing resources ...”

    “I once met a fisherman who accidentally missed the net and drowned,” said Teacher . “When I met him, he rummaged around the stern of the boat to find the net.”

    “But if the net drowned in the lake - why did the fisherman look for it in the boat?” The consultant was surprised.

    “Because he did not know how to swim,” simply replied Teacher Foo.

    Hearing this, enlightenment descended on the methodologist.

    Copyright 2003 Eric S. Raymond

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