Anyone wishing to buy eeePC in St. Petersburg!

    Friends, I bring to your attention important news! I just was in Eldorado at the address "Civil Pr. 41a" (some shopping center near the metro station Akademicheskaya ) - they bought my beloved brother eeePC. Everything would be fine if the seller did not say:
    300 ( !!! ) copies of the device were brought into this store yesterday .

    If you (or your friends) live in St. Petersburg and really want to get this little animal, then it's time!

    Offtopic, but there are also sold discs Sony DVD-R at 199 rubles. for 30 pieces!

    PS Please do not minus for this post - I do not work either in or on Eldorado. Honestly, I myself am experiencing some antipathy when I go to any of the stores in the network, but eeePC is only for sale there so far (online stores are not counted).
    PPS For disks, too, I'm sorry, but once, when Ultra was still flourishing, I bought left disks there, 700 rubles for 100 pieces (7 rubles per disk), but here it turns out even 6.6 (6) and Sony is insanely happy even if Sony is just an inscription.
    PPPSIt seems that tax inspectors took E by the ass the other day and E decided to quickly merge the entire “leftist” ;-)


    There is an action in the Eldorado network. When buying an eeePC, you can buy such a hard drive at a reduced price.
    I bought without it, because on March 24 the saleswoman thought that there was no such promotion ;-) But a couple of days ago, for the sake of such a thing, figuratively made a refund and bought it again with the hard drive, at the same time defending my purchasing rights.
    I recommend everyone & mdash is powered by a bus, tiny and silent. The speed of his work is simply amazing - like a rocket. Dimensions - 7.86 cm in width and 12.44 in length, as well as weight - 0.155 kg. Volume - 120GB (real 111GB), the number of revolutions per minute - 5400.

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