Coworking / Near Moscow Region

    I will take out the thought from my own comment on one of the previous entries:
    How interesting is Muscovites to work on the principles of co-work in the near Moscow region?

    First of all, I am addressing the issue to the residents of the west of the capital, since there are several very interesting places in mind.

    Among the advantages of an office in the suburbs:
    • Fresh air
    • Birds, butterflies, trees, leaves - in short, nature
    • Possibility to drive in counter-traffic jams
    • The opportunity to find an interesting, place for sane money

    cons, in turn:
    • Summer residents on Fridays
    • It’s more difficult to get without a car (minibuses, trains, etc.)
    • Similarly to the previous paragraph, it is much more difficult for a pedestrian client to get
    • If the office is located on a near-government highway, they may not let it go on time, blocking the road

    Transport cons, however, can be decided by organizing your own shuttle (which, alas, will affect the price).

    Traditionally, I ask you to note in the comments of those who are interested - you can continue to think more specifically, with addresses, passwords and appearances.

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