"Routes of Moscow" have become faster and more convenient

    We inform those who use Moscow public transport that new opportunities have appeared on the
    recently opened route search service msk.rusavtobus.ru .

    Electric trains, a
    monorail and a light metro were added to the route network of the first Russian transport card . Thanks to this,
    almost all types of Moscow city transport are now involved in the search , and the coverage area by
    routes has expanded to Pushkino, Zelenograd, Balashikha and Odintsovo.

    Another innovation: in the new version of the site, users now have the
    opportunity to independently choose different types of transport to
    form routes. This is very convenient: someone likes to ride more
    trams in sunny weather, and someone wants to get the subway faster.

    A new useful feature of the site was the ability to
    select metro stations, train stations, airports, museums,
    universities, galleries, sports centers, theaters, markets, libraries and much
    more as departure and destination points .

    In addition, the search began to work faster, and at the same time the site began to issue even
    more accurate routes.

    We hope that the site developers will continue to please us with useful

    Have a good trip!

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