Russian Project Hacked

    Yesterday, March 16, a thread was opened on the website , which laid the foundation for the most powerful conflict of all iPhone owners in Russia. Until recently, the hacking of this application was carefully hidden and hushed up.

    Let me remind you, “Russian Project” is a development of domestic programmers that brings a lot of useful and not so functions to the iPhone.
    In addition to RP, Hacked Caterpillar, the development of the same team of programmers, also improves the already excellent usability of the device.
    According to the developers, the patch is already ready, and they are not going to give up.

    The discussion caused by this news has become so heated that the comments are deleted, and the bans are heard right and left. One cannot help but notice some panic of the developers and those people who paid a lot of money for the package. The funniest thing is the words, “Why steal from your own?”.

    RiP Dev - Developer site
    Parallel thread on the main portal of the Russian iphone-community -
    It is interesting to read the comments :)

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