Usability of the subway or if I were building a subway ...

    Brief introduction
    A few days ago a car broke down. As a result, now I go to work in the subway. For several round-trip trips at rush hour, this idea was born. I live in St. Petersburg - therefore I will consider the example of our stations. If such an idea has already been implemented somewhere, I will be glad to know where exactly. So far, I haven’t found anything similar on the network.

    Metro station at the moment.
    Here is a schematic of a typical station. It seems everything is clear from her. The main minus, in my opinion, is the intersection of oncoming flows of passengers and the eternal crush at the door of the car during entry / exit.

    How would I build
    But the little

    scheme that came up with (or am I inventing a bicycle?) In principle, the idea of ​​the scheme is clear. Incoming and outgoing flows do not intersect, the entrance and exit from different sides of the train.
    Of the minuses, I see so far only one - there will be more construction costs. But it seems to me if a lot less people will fall under the wagons - it's worth it.

    UPD: on the diagram are not stairs but escalators. T.O. it would be illogical to break "in the wrong direction." Plus I think the doors will need to be opened in the cars with a delay. Opened to the exit. Have closed. Opened to the entrance.

    UUPD: this is my first topic on Habr. I feel completely satisfied. But there is one “but.” Very upset that before leaving a comment, many apparently do not read what they wrote before them. Tired of repeating the answers to the same questions :( Thank you all for your comments!

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