Aviary - service "for creators"

    At a.viary.com is a startup for creators. It is an online - a set of tools for all kinds of creations (a kind of web-based creative suite). It includes several tools for artists (for example, Phoenix - something from a distance resembling photoshop), music editors, videos and some tools for writers. Actually, you can read more about what is there , but I’ll just show what I saw myself when an invite was sent to me. Immediately I will disappoint: I only saw Phoenix, because they had not yet allowed me to another;)

    Phoenix, as I said, from a distance resembles photoshop. Indeed, tools, instruments, filters are similar, although somewhat less cool and professional.
    This is what the editor looks like:

    Choose a color:

    And here are the filters:

    All windows move, close and collapse, etc., in general, everything is very neat. And very quickly, I (512 mb, firefox 2, win xp, amd athlon 2500+) had no brakes. No, it was not really noticed. No expectations, even faster than the gmail and the browser does not hang when loading.

    Pictures are saved on the server, and they can only be given names in English and no shorter than 3 characters, which by the way can match. About any folders or tags (as I understand it, and indeed - it is still beta, which is already here) there is no question. But the picture can be quickly exported to jpg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, psd or pdf. But to import - “currently” only from JPEG or PNG (why you can't from a gif - it's a mystery to me) from a computer or from a URL. In the import window there are also tabs whose purpose is to import foty from flikra, picas or facebook, but for some reason they are empty.

    Also popular now: