Russian pirates lose ground

    In 2007, Russian pirates inflicted $ 1.075 billion worth of damage on the member companies of the Business Software Alliance. This is $ 133 million less than in 2006. According to the court’s decisions, BSA managed to get only $ 2.6 million in compensation from Russian companies-violators, Vedomosti reports.

    Last year, Russian authorities stepped up the fight against piracy. The police identified nearly 600 companies-violators, and opened 264 criminal cases - more than two times more than in 2006, and 17 convictions were issued in cases.

    It is worth noting that the police also found their own benefit in the arrest of pirates. So, if the damage from the pirated distribution of the program exceeds 50 thousand dollars, the law allows us to consider this a serious crime. Thus, law enforcement agencies can substantially “straighten out” their own statistics of uncovered “crimes”.

    Recall that Russia is one of the three most pirated countries in the world, along with China and Canada. The main losses from the actions of pirates are American copyright holders. The corresponding damage from pirates operating in all countries of the world annually ranges from 30 to 35 billion dollars.


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