“Kuz'kina Mother” in overclocker-style: how a Russian enthusiast knocked out three world records in one day

    Russian overclockers do not have bags of money for the purchase of unique iron, or “domestic” manufacturers supplying them with components, but this does not prevent our guys from becoming better. In November, the _12_ enthusiast set three absolute world records in 3DMark at once! We tell how he did it, and what the "combat" computer was made of.

    What do we know about fast computers? Yes, somewhere over there is a banner with an expensive video card, but ours, so to speak, computers, all routinely work to wear and "old age diseases." And the creators of iron with the statements "look, our chips have become a little faster than five years ago!" Trample remnants of enthusiasm into dust.

    But enthusiasts are alive, live and "lit" no worse than in the good old days! Overclocking is lost in romance since it turned from a “rescue straw” into a business, but the community of overclocking lovers has a huge, extremely fast iron ceased to be a deficit, and overclocking pros become not only world famous people, but also create the coolest components with their namein the camp of video card and motherboard manufacturers, for example. And in overclocking, as in any sport, there is rivalry not only between individual specialists, but also at the national level. And the Russian guys in this field are among the best in the world among those who can squeeze the maximum out of the computer stuffing. Today we have another proof of this state of affairs. Here is how it was:

    It was getting dark ...

    One Russian enthusiast - three pedestals in 3DMark Ice Storm discipline

    Overclocker contests, as you already know , are divided into online and offline. Online is the same show, when participants get at the disposal of more or less the same hardware and give out wonders of "overclocking" at its base. Such a skill test in conditions close to combat.
    But the “master's soul”, dancing with a tambourine glass of nitrogen and a delicate approach to overclocking are about offline disciplines in the standings overclocking shrine, HWBot.org. The efficiency race in benchmarks is not necessarily associated with unique samples — it’s more about how to “prepare them correctly”.

    _12_ (left) and Smoke squeeze a maximum out of iron on Igromir

    In November, Vladimir Malyshev, known to all fans of acceleration of iron, as _12_, set three world records in the most prestigious HWBot, Elite league on the same configuration:

    • in 3DMark Ice Storm - 303483 points
    • in 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme - 288310 points
    • in 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited - 308729 points

    in 3DMark Ice Storm

    By the way, now two of their three “podium” places in all Ice Storm benchmarks with one video accelerator belong to Russian specialists - _12_ and Traktor did not succeed on the flagship hardware where other guys got lower results even on “that” GeForce Titan X (Pascal ) and more "perky" (in the store-retail sense) processors. By the way, about the gland and its "genetic" modifications.

    Starring: components of a record-breaking computer

    If overclocking records were achieved by simply going to the store for the most expensive hardware from the store, the struggle at HWBot would be limited to “expensive nameplates” of manufacturers and happy “new Russians” with crimson jackets among enthusiast parties. Because you need not expensive, but effective iron.

    A lot of money on hardware is not yet a guarantee of record acceleration

    In order to overtake all rivals in 3DMark three times, _12_ used:

    KFA2 GeForce GTX 1070 EXOC video card- yes, yes, not 1080 and not Titan, but a more “evil” model with a rank lower than the production of Galaxy Microsystems. From the standard 1594/1784 MHz, the video card was overclocked to 2215/2300 MHz and set records at this frequency. Not just “took and installed” - Vladimir had to modify the power part, the phase transition system and fix the voltage at 1.2 V. In order for the video card not to “faint”, it had to be cooled to -45 degrees Celsius. It would have been possible to achieve even steeper results, but with the BIOS modification in the “thousandth” GeForce series, things are still sad.

    Modified KFA2 GeForce GTX 1070 EXOC

    Core i7-6700K Processor- not Xeon, which, in the opinion of many newbies, is the “Core i7, which we lost because of Intel marketers”, and not vintage models, which are supposedly more successful for the competition. _12_ cooled the processor to -85 degrees Celsius, and even after that, Skylake did not become disabled, but was able to roll cores at a frequency of 5800 MHz - very, you know, not bad for a chip on the 14-nm process technology!

    Computer-record holder HyperX Savage DDR4

    Memory Kit16 GB volume - relatively inexpensive and convenient for the combat mode of RAM. By the way, not the “top-end” version of what Kingston has to offer. Savage, in other words, intermediate between the modules modules between Predator (top modules for overclocking maniacs) and RAM for everyday use, from which all you need is to work reliably and not to crash.

    In the "wild", that is, in retail, there are kits up to 64 GB of total capacity and base frequencies from 2133 to 3000 MHz. All this beauty works on SK Hynix modules and supports XMP profiles for 2666 and 3000 MHz. Even in extreme overclocking, they heat up poorly, a lifetime warranty. What else do you need for complete happiness?

    So, the Savage DDR4 memory kit overclocked and was able to work stably at 3333 MHz. It could have been more, but in this case the result in the benchmark, which has a “sensitivity threshold” to the RAM frequency, was important for victory.

    Solid state drives HyperX Savage capacity of 120 GB and even more "evil" Predator PCI-e with a capacity of 240 GB. They, of course, did not have to overclock, because even with the regular SSD software, they coped with the load remarkably.

    HyperX Savage is a kind of "not made by hands" monumentSSDs with SATA-III, because this is the fastest Kingston / HyperX model to connect using an aging standard. Its "trick" is in the ratio of speed and volume - that is, the varieties extend up to 960 gigabytes, and the version with 120 GB is just the most modest in speed. But even it is enough to shake up the world performance record table in 3DMark. Toshiba MLC 19 nm memory and MTBF. Nyoshnota, in a word.

    HyperX Predator- King of All Kingston / HyperX. Already, figuratively speaking, not a sports, but a racing model. Without the “collar” in the form of an old SATA-III interface, it flutters like a butterfly and stings like a bee. The sequential read and write speeds are simply astronomical (up to 1,400 MB / s and 1000 MB / s, respectively). And how do you get 118000 IOPS in randomly writing 4-kilobyte blocks? Mighty iron for maximalists, what can I say.

    If you're craving the details of what HyperX gaming is capable of - welcome to the review of our “superstar”, Predator .

    Thermal grease GELID GC-Extreme . A good choice, as evidenced by comparative tests.

    Motherboard ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme. The untrained spectator will be stunned by the cost, but in reality this model is a widespread “overclocking tool”. It gives the result without any special “tambourine dances” in the process of achieving it.

    Power supply Corsair AX1500 . 80 PLUS certificate, modular cable connection, up to 125 A via 12 V.

    Achievement of iron and man

    And now let's talk a little about Vladimir, because he is one of the most experienced and successful overclockers on our vast territory. The famous member of Team Russia, can and likes to overclock even “obsolete” hardware (how did you miss the record based on the famous “never pulled Crysis at the maximum” 8600 GT ? And what about the hot GTX 285 ?), One of the first to raise the frequency stove processor FX-8320 to 8449 MHz, an enthusiast who sets world records on a par with the best "specialists" abroad on their own, without entering into the "court" team of component manufacturers. And if you think that overclocking is a fleeting and elementary occupation, we have first-hand revelations in a detailed interview with another master from Team Russia - Smoke.

    What is this all about?

    First, do not forget about the guys who, without pathos, on their personal enthusiasm, defend the honor of Russia as a country where the most skillful masters of overclocking and modifying iron live.

    Secondly, the Kingston iron "brings down all the money" :) And, instead of the epithets "wonderful", "delightful", "extraordinary", etc. it is always better to demonstrate with what memory and SSD you can build not just an ordinary computer for a bit of everything, but a really fast machine. A computer that will please the owner exactly as in times when the trees were large, and the frequencies are not gigahertz.

    Even if you already have an SSD and you are not planning to purchase a new one, we know how to make you happy for the new year. There is not a lot of RAM, so we give you a 12% discount on all available DDR4 Predator models on the networkYulmart . Arm with a promotional code GEEKPR16 and have time to buy high-speed memory until December 31, 2016. For more information about Kingston and HyperX products, visit the company's official website . In choosing your kit HyperX help page with visual aids .

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