Yandex corrects and replaces user requests.

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    Frankly, I'm not very good at Worse than google. And there are reasons for this. The most important and basic - in Google there are more chances to quickly find the information interesting you.

    However, today I noticed that Yandex is starting to improve.

    Now he began to correct search queries , and not just point out errors, as he did before.

    If you made a mistake in the request (According to Yandex), your request will be corrected to a more correct one (Again, according to Yandex)

    Enter the Russian blogosphere and you will receive: The request has been corrected for the “Russian blogosphere”, since there is nothing for the “Russian blogosphere” found.

    But what if there is something on the “erroneous request”?

    Then two options are possible. As I understand it, depending on the internal “rating” of a user’s error / typo:

    1. “As before” option: you will be given a elephant for a request . Perhaps you were looking for: “elephant”
    2. And a correction option: web standards -> Request fixed to "web standards". Show results for Web Standards?

    Good innovations, if of course Yandex will be adequate with the determination of the fallibility of search queries.

    The only losers are sites that attract users for queries with errors or typos.

    Well, users who enter requests that are considered erroneous in Yandex.

    a source(there is a recipe for "turning off innovations" - for the most curious)
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