Yandex Search Train Advertising Network

    Yandex has learned to show more targeted ads on sites participating in the Advertising Network (YAN). Now Yandex.Direct advertising system takes into account not only the subject of the site, but also the interests of the user.

    A direct expression of the user's interests is his search queries. Every day, about 5 million people ask more than 30 million requests to Yandex, thereby helping to customize advertising for themselves. This way of setting up ads is one of the behavioral targeting options.

    “We tested advertising placement taking into account the interests of users on individual sites of the Advertising Network for almost half a year and evaluated the results both according to advertisers and according to Metric- says Evgeny Lomize, head of Yandex Advertising Technologies, - Today we are sure that the new type of targeting is no less effective for advertisers than thematic. Now both types of targeting will be used on YAN sites, and Direct will automatically select a more relevant advertisement for the user. At the same time, the price for the transition may decrease, but the partner sites will not lose anything, because they will receive more clicks, even at a slightly lower price. ”

    All data on the interests of users is protected by the Confidentiality Agreement . When targeting, Yandex automatically excludes requests for personal topics (for example, medicine, dating, etc.). Any user can refuse to take their interests into account when displaying ads.


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