Russian Project came out for firmware 1.1.3 (and killed my phone)

    I'll start from afar. Today, what the public has been waiting for has happened! Two latest firmware for “iPhones”, which were famous for their “unbreakable” (especially 1.1.3, even MultiSim and TurboSim did not “take it”) succumbed to the same persistence of hackers! To thank for this is the notorious GeoHot (George Hotts), who is only 17 years old!

    Now iPhone, purchased with firmware 1.1.2 and 1.1.3, can be made to work with any SIM cards without a soldering iron, only after relatively simple manipulations with the software.

    Hacking instructions 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 from (do not be surprised if the site is “lying down” - after the news about hacking 1.1.3, crowds fell on it people, WordPress can’t stand it).
    Another good step by step instruction:
    It is said on the sites, but I still warn you - be careful, the hacking method is completely “fresh”, it may be buggy. But in any case, the iPhone is almost indestructible. Yes, and several friends have already unsubscribed to me that they “broke up” using the GeoHot method successfully.

    In connection with the aforementioned significant event, the Russian iPhone-hackers from RipDev decided not to swear that the “ jailbreak for 1.1.3 is too crooked”, and they released the full Russification package for iPhones with the latest firmware - “Russian Project” version 1.0.5 .

    More details about the release from the developers themselves under the cat.

    * Added firmware support 1.1.3- Now the Russian Project is installed on this firmware without any shamanism and dancing with tambourines. The only requirement is the presence of version no lower than 3.0. We consider it our duty to note that we still do not recommend switching to this firmware, unless you have special techno-masochistic inclinations. The jailbreak options for 1.1.3 that currently exist, although they have improved significantly since their first release, still suffer from numerous problems. Therefore, we spent a lot of time testing the Russian Project under all the jailbreak options known to us, and recognized its work as satisfactory, but still there are several problems that are either related to jailbreak or to new firmware glitches made by Apple itself. We warned you, yes? :)
    *Radically accelerated the work of the component Rev. formats - the SMS application now opens much faster, just fixed some errors that could cause departures from SMS.
    * Improved RiPInstall - now it knows how to restart the phone itself, as well as the internal logic of the installation of applications has been slightly rewritten (in preparation for the release of Caterpillar).
    * A few changes have been made to Russian localization (and, of course, 1.1.3 support has been added).
    * Many small changes aimed at improving the package and the phone as a whole.

    The update is available right now in Right hereThere is a detailed guide on how to install RP on your phone. The update is free for all registered users. You can purchase the “Russian Project” for 500 rubles on the developers page or from the iPhone itself during the installation process.

    Let me remind you of the main advantages of the “Russian Project” (without which many “domestic” iPhone owners cannot live):
    - Full translation of the user interface
    - Strip with Russian letters in the contact list to facilitate their search
    - Russian keyboard
    - Color logos of the main communication operators
    - Beautiful MarkerFelt font for the “Notes” program
    - Brings phone numbers when typing to the usual Russian look format
    - Determines the region from which they call you
    - Fixes minor bugs (such as constantly popping up call forwarding signs).

    In general, I’ll go to bet, if it is very buggy - I will unsubscribe :). The Russian keyboard for 1.1.3 (which came out separately before the whole package) is buggy mercilessly for now, it crashes often, unfortunately.

    UPD .: RP immediately refused to be put. It turned out that it was necessary to remove the Mobile Enhanser and the Russian keyboard, which were installed earlier. After that it was installed.

    It is established. I asked for a reboot and hung on the power icon! I did a reset to it (holding down 2 buttons) and the phone went into mode recovery mode - that is, it does not turn on and asks for recovery through aityuns! So the new “Russian project” killed my phone! Rather, even two phones, we have two of them at home.
    Well ... we will restore ...

    P.S. Who set and works - unsubscribe. jailbreak 1.1.3 is still very crooked and this could be the case.

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