New social internet project dedicated to travel photography and travel stories

    I want to introduce our social Internet project to the court of respected habro-people. This is a beta version, there will be further improvements in design and interesting functionalities.

    Travel and tourist trips leave the most vivid impressions in our lives. After them, we have many beautiful photos, unexpressed emotions, and sometimes many questions.

    Why save these photos at home on a computer or shove them into different photo hosting sites where they are of little interest to them? Make your photos and reviews work! And for photo professionals - it is possible to declare itself! is an online community of travel photography enthusiasts and an exchange of travel experiences. is the issue of the monthly popular tourist online magazine, in which you will find stunning photos of various parts of our planet, the most truthful photos of hotels and beaches, interesting travel stories, reviews about hotels and travel agencies. All content and topics of the issues of our online magazine are created by the users of the Community themselves -

    You can create your own Interest Groups, in which users will discuss trips to different countries, cities and hotels. They will find those who rested there and discuss general impressions. Communicate online with those who are on the site through the built-in IM client(we consider the possibility of connecting video and voice chat). Ability to upload themed photo galleries of your travels. Participation in interesting photo contests and ranking the best photos and travelers.

    As already noted, the main goal of creating an online community is to issue a colorful thematic online magazine about travel photography and travel - “”, authors and photojournalists, which will be all registered users.
    Members of the MyFotoMir community themselves choose the topic of the next issue of the magazine and vote for the best photos, reviews and stories that will be posted in the issue. The magazine will only reflect the objective truth of the travelers themselves about hotels, resorts or travel companies, the most beautiful travel photos, because this is what is interesting to the end consumer of the tour service, i.e. US and YOU.
    Aim for the future: with the proper promotion of the project and if we find a sponsor or investor, we will also be working on the design of a colorful print publication in a light art style. As well as providing users with various printing services in the form of printouts of personal photo albums for colorful books, various calendars and prints.
    I want to say one more interesting point,authors of stories and photos will not be indebted;)
    With proper marketing, such a magazine should be in demand on the media market! Consumers do not trust the reviews and advertising of tour operators, consumers want to know the opinions and reviews of other tourists.

    Advertisers of the magazine may include travel companies, airlines, well-known brands of photographic equipment and digital printing.

    So, we are looking for creative amateurs and avid tourists to form Community content, as well as a “young” graphic designer looking for practice or creating a portfolio, ready for now! Free cooperation with an eye on the future.

    Well and most importantly, we are looking for investors to turn Community ideas into a publishing business :)

    Create Your Photo World! Find new friends and share your travel experiences!

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