Why is the iPod Touch update paid?

    As Apple fans and observers predicted, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced an update to iPod touch during a lecture at the Macworld Conference & Expo 2008 in San Francisco . iPod Touch will receive 5 new programs that he did not get at birth: Google Maps, Mail, Promotions, Notepad and Weather.

    Google maps can now determine your location (triangulation by wi-fi), as well as plot routes. All this is possible thanks to Google and their My Location technology (not without the help of Navizon and SkyHook Wireless ).

    software ipod touch

    Now, when playing a video, chapters, languages ​​and subtitles are supported, and when listening to music, lyrics.

    Now you can create your own Web Clips on the desktop that lead directly to your favorite sites, customize your Customize Home Screen desktop, and support for multiple desktops.

    You have to pay for this wonderful update: $ 19.99.

    Why do I upgrade paid? In February , the SDK is released , which will allow developers to write their own software for iPod Touch and iPhone. Programs will be paid, so you will have to pay for interesting applications. Apple begins to accustom to pay for additional software. The company is positioning iPod touch as a full-fledged product, so a paid firmware update looks quite logical.

    As for the iPhone, Apple wins this money from AT&T contracts, updates for the iPhone will always be free. Moreover, each new update represents a new level of protection against hacking, and Steve is interested in updating each user.

    via iPod touch blog

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