Russia begins the second Cold War on the Internet

    “The Russian authorities are considering a project to create the Internet in Cyrillic. Is this yet another bet on Big Brother’s control over fellow citizens?

    The Cold War is expanding with Russia, and it has a new front in addition to oil fields and territorial claims under water. This front is the Internet. The Russian authorities are seeking to strengthen control over the Russian-speaking sector of the global network. Apparently, their goal is to create an Internet that uses Cyrillic domain names and is completely autonomous from the “large” network.

    True, there is one catch: the top-level domain assigned to Russia - .ru in ASCII coding - when transliterated into Cyrillic, turns into .py - the name of the domain occupied by Paraguay. This may create security problems for Russian users. Kim Davis, who resolves issues on international domain names at Icann, the international organization that manages domain names, said in an interview with the Guardian: “Russia has a second top-level domain name .su in ASCII code, but it is seeking to register the .rf name in spelling in Cyrillic. "

    Wolfgant Kleinwachter, Special Advisor to the Chairperson of the UN Internet Governance Forum, says: “The Russian Internet project will address how they can better communicate within their own country. Internationalization of the domain name will enable them to do what is being tested in China, where they are currently using three top-level domain names written in Chinese characters: .net, .com and .cn. ""

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    Our authorities once again annealed. Instead of a good understanding of the Internet world and trying to improve the capabilities of the Internet, to establish contacts with other countries, at least online, we again try to show our “peculiarity” and unwillingness to cooperate. Such an attitude can lead to ignoring and blocking Russian users all over the Internet.

    Friends habralyudi, I would like everyone to write their thoughts about this situation.

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