Our great Russian computer language ...

    Based on news from Compulence and nostalgia.

    Merriam-Webster, a well-known American dictionary publisher, published a list of words whose meaning was most interesting for visitors to the web service belonging to this company in the past year. The word that occupied the minds of most visitors to the Merriam-Webster website was the interjection
    “w00t” this year , according to Reuters.
    According to one version, this word online game lovers express the joy of victory over the enemy. Thus, the phrase “we owned the other team” can be considered a source of interjection.

    And it’s immediately remembered that once in the early 00s the expression “to google” appeared, then it turned into a Russian “google” and now almost everyone who uses a computer at least once every two days has come into use.

    And if you take even deeper, then in the distant 90s there were such interjections as “RTFM”, “WTF?”, “IMHO”, etc. Now, if something like “IMHO” flies out of my habit, they look at me askance and not everyone understands. When, something like that was heard on the street, people exchanged meaningful glances, realizing that they belong to some other caste of people. If “FAK” and “RTFM” were heard in polyphony from some cafe, then it meant that fidoshniki were at a point. :)

    And what kind of slang awaits the Russian-speaking Internet? I think there will be something like “contact” and “log off”.

    And who uses what specific slang from the Internet world?

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