Meeebo repeater

    meebo repeater

    Surely, many at work faced a situation where “evil” admins blocked all opportunities to use all sorts of instant messengers, in particular, the widely popular asya. “Ha,” you exclaim, “Jabber steers!” Yes, but this barrel of honey has its own pair of tar spoons. Firstly, if you really have the urge to use ASEY (MSN, AIM, etc.) - well, you have a lot of contacts there! - you will have to look for a specific Jabber-to-ICQ gateway (MSN, AIM, etc.), and well-known servers of this kind are usually blocked as well (we take the case of a special conspiracy policy) or they can be blocked as soon as the admin realizes it. Secondly, if you want to install your own Jabber server, you will find that with normal servers under Windows it’s a disaster. They are either paid or buggy, difficult to install and configure ... Thirdly, You can have friends from different networks, and what - for each of your own gate set? Is it too much for a poor office plankton who wants to just have a few words with friends, tired of righteous work? =) A niksovy server, too, not at everyone near at hand.

    In general, it was just such a problem that one of my acquaintances faced when moving to a new job. All his contacts were in ICQ, but ICQ wasn’t available at all from work. He shared his problem with me, and we set about searching for an alternative. And we found her!
    Most likely,, which serves as a browser gate in as many as six IM networks, is quickly known for its popularity. Unfortunately, the service itself at my friend’s work was also closed, but after digging properly on the meebo website, we discovered a brilliant thing - meebo repeater. This program is a small executable that does not require any installation. When it starts, it looks at your IP, tests the connection, configures UPnP, and then sits on ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS, respectively), redirecting packets from SSL-connected users to itself (as its name says). The program has almost no settings, but you can change the default ports to others if you wish.

    meebo repeater port mapping

    It follows that everyone can start meebo repeater at home, and from work, type your_IP-address in the browser and be on! So, meebo repeater allows you to effortlessly have your own gate in any of the six networks provided by the portal.

    The users who are behind the router will have a little harder time - they will need to configure the mapping port in their router. The creators of meebo repeater took care of creating a step-by-step description for those who do not know how to do this (see on this page ).

    If you have a dynamic address, all the better, it will be more difficult to ban =) But not everyone wants to remember every morning their next changed IP address. Owners of such addresses can be advised by the DynDNS service - just register in it and install the DynDNS Updater program, which exists in the incarnations for various platforms, which will constantly associate your IP with a free domain name.

    DynDNS Updater

    By the way, the owners of some modern routers have this service directly in the firmware, which allows you to do without any programs, but you still have to register.

    Repeater, running on my computer, has been successfully tested in several organizations with particularly strict restrictions, and everywhere has successfully passed the test, working without complaints until now. Let's see if it passes the test of time =)
    Enjoy your use! I hope someone comes in handy.

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