Service for managing a mobile phone through the Bloove browser launches the Russian version

    mobile phone management service via Bloove browserFound a wonderful message in her inbox. Remember, I promised you to follow the fate of the Novosibirsk startup Bloove , which launched the English version in October? She promised, as it turns out, not in vain: the guys are actively working on the functionality of the service, and now they have announced the launch of a Russian-language site .

    Let me remind you, Bloove is a wonderful service that allows you to manage contacts in your phone’s address book and send text messages using a browser: for this, it’s enough to install a special agent on the phone (the list of supported phone models is here) and register on the site. The service makes life easier for those who are not ready to spend hours sending SMS messages, endlessly typing not even very large text. It is important that all the basic functionality of the site is free for users, paid functions still promise to add over time.

    I remember that I drew attention to the fact that the Novosibirsk developers launched a service focused solely on the English-speaking audience (well, on linguistically advanced domestic users, of course). Now they decided to expand their interests and launched website specifically for Russian-speaking users.

    I don’t know what the decision to launch the Russian-language version is connected with. It is likely that the developers decided that it would still be easier for them to promote the service in their native walls. It is typical that several serious bloggers noticed and wrote their reviews, however, apparently, this did not bring startups much popularity and recognition in the West: since October they have gained more than 2000 registered users, but this figure is clearly not a global popularity.

    Most likely, this is not due to a very large number of users, primarily with a limited number of supported phone models, so I think the situation will change dramatically when the circle of phones expands (taking into account especially popular models in the US and Europe). But be that as it may, the idea of ​​giving a special site to Russian-speaking users seems quite reasonable and justified - for sure, in addition to expanding the user base, developers will also receive a large number of reviews from users (from my personal experience, users from Russia are more willing to share their impressions of a service than users from the same America).

    So I really hope in the near future to tell you about new functions (such as sending and managing MMS, for example, paid functions for archiving the address book), and at the same time about the new supported phone models, to finally at least try it myself, and Ideally, become an active user.

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