Why is OpenSource not “loved” in Russia? (Personal opinion)

    The crown is beaten, hammered, stained and pushed into a distant dusty corner, but I dare to get it out, shake it off and put it in a decent shape:
    So - why are OpSurs so disliked in Russia? - there may be a bunch of answers, but, twirling a little (about a year) in this sauce, I found the following answers for myself:
    1) Because the mentality. Yes, yes - our "lazy" and "mischievous" mentality. Indeed, in free software you need to “work”, you need to “look for” it, you need to “translate” it, you need to “learn” it, and why? In any market, in any LAN, there’s a bunch of "purely licensed for 100 rubles, but which is taught at school, and" do not need to be taught "software. Well, I would have heard this from simple juzverejs, but I heard the above arguments from students - PROGRAMMERS in the 5th year. And what about the attempts to write the program itself, make and send the translation to Upstream ...
    2) Because it’s free.We all want money. We do not understand how this can be done for free. Are we going back to communism like that? Noooo. So you pay me the nth amount, and in a couple of months I will pile you a masterpiece. I will not hide, I know a bunch of people who do something disinterestedly, for the sake of an idea. But the very concept of a “portfolio” of software, in which you must also invest yourself, is foreign to the Russian.
    3) Because we are not afraid- all people are divided into two parts - those who met with the authorities, and those who did not meet. The former will abide by the law and not “propitiate” proprietary software only by what they imagine WHAT they will be for it. Among such people (of course, I don’t mean those who have served time, but those who understand that the punishment HAPPENS and REALLY HAPPENS) OpSource as a LEGAL replacement is popular. The second half spits on everyone with a high bell tower, as the topic about Torrent and 1C proved.
    4) Because they did not bring up . There are no comments here - you all know the situation in schools and universities.
    5) Because the state does not need it.Here, too, without comment. And do not about the latest events, Medvedev and tenders. Here it is not necessary - as a person who has been involved in this and has worked for many years and receives a salary from the state, it is better to know what the promises of the state are.

    Therefore, we have developed such a situation that they say about Free Software on every corner, they say that it would be necessary, and beyond the words in their mass we are not moving anywhere :(

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