Google Android - what is happiness? Wishlist

    The whole buzz of the future platform is that I can get maximum efficiency from it, that is, any software features that I need, implement on my own or change existing solutions, as I need.

    And now I need quite a bit from a mobile device. I will describe the applications that I want to see on my android device , and if this happens, I will find great happiness.

    1. The program of maintaining lists, multi-level lists with the ability to set the status of execution. It seems that I will have to write this program myself, because it is very specific.
    2. Gmail client for reading mail
    3. Jabber client
    4. Program for reading books
    5. A program for reading rss
    6. A good browser such as opera
    7. Icq client
    8. A program of call statistics that will record for each person in a notebook
    9. Livejournal client with at least the ability to post.
    10. Client for
    11. Skype client

    Everything that came to mind over time can more than supplement this list. I don’t play games - so no games needed.

    In the hands of a sea of ​​devices. Now I use the usual cellular and Palm LifeDrive .

    And what do you need for complete happiness?

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