Google Code 2007 Day in Moscow

    Google Code 2007 Day

    I did not find references to this event on Habré, although it promises to be very interesting. I apologize in advance if it turns out that I just don’t know how to use the search ...

    On Monday, a girl from Google called me at work, apologized for so suddenly, but she offered to come to the conference, which the company was hosting on December 19 in Moscow. Where did she get the phone number of the company where I work, I did not even ask - they know everything.

    She sent me an e-mail, in which there was a link to the company’s blog, and here’s what it says:

    The Internet is constantly evolving, and we at Google feel our involvement in this process. Over the past few years, a lot has changed in the network, especially thanks to the advent of accessible APIs for working with web services. The web is becoming more open, and developers are playing a key role in this development. Therefore, for developers we spend Google Code Day in Moscow, December 19.

    Google Code Day is a one-day conference where Google engineers will not only introduce the API, but will also conduct master classes and workshops. We will talk about the main Google APIs today, as well as show what, and, most importantly, how you can do with them:

    • Open Social, for creating social applications that work with data from several large social networks
    • Geo API, for the rapid creation of geographic information services and web applications
    • GData API, for reading data from writing on the web, working with Google Docs and Spreadsheets via API

    Representing the API in Moscow will be not only Google Russia engineers, but also our colleagues from Zurich, London and Mountain View. We will publish the final conference program a little later on the official Google Russia blog, but for now sign up for Google Code Day on December 19 in Moscow: , participation in the conference is free.

    Information taken from here:

    Register for the conference here:

    Come! By the way, if you have a laptop - take it with you, it will come in handy.

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