Protection from fraudulent sites - the concern of the users themselves

    The Google Network Security Team’s blog has been updated with a post about an innovation in the company’s fight against dangerous sites through which malware can get onto your computer. Now everyone can report a suspicious resource through a special form , after which the site will be checked for malware automatically.

    Let me remind you that work on a user warning system about the possible harm that may be caused by visiting this or that page was started by Google almost two years ago, in the framework of StopBadware, a joint program with Lenovo and Sun Microsystems . In August last year, the system began its work .

    According to company estimates, in the spring of this year, every 10th page on the Internet carried a potential danger to the user. Therefore, attracting a huge army of users to find each such page looks more than logical. From the very beginning, such a measure was not applied, obviously, because of fears of encountering a stream of malicious reports to quite decent sites. Now the accuracy of determining fraudulent pages on the Web, apparently, has grown so much that dealing with this is not difficult.

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