Yandex was invited to the World Economic Forum as a pioneer

    Interesting news came from a special commission at the World Economic Forum that selected the winners of The Technology Pioneers 2008 . The Russian search engine Yandex , reportedly, was among the 38 best technological innovators in the world and was awarded the title of “technological pioneer”.

    39 “technological pioneers” were selected by reputable experts from the list of 225 candidates who applied for participation in the competition. All laureates receive an invitation to the World Economic Forum in Davos for the next two years. Why Yandex needed this is not entirely clear. Perhaps he wants to become a full member of the WEF and establish direct contacts with the largest Western financiers, bankers and venture investors who meet annually in Davos. These connections can be very useful if the Russian Internet giant decides to finally conduct an IPO.

    The process of expanding membership in the WEF may begin just with the title of “The Technology Pioneers 2008”. For example, such a path was chosen in due time by another Russian company IBS Group .

    via Blognation

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