Censorship already exists on the Russian Internet

    I do not read Habr every day, therefore it is easy to skip and not guess about the existence of some articles. But I use a Google reader, i.e. I can read what you no longer see on the front page.
    The title was interesting: "Politics, or New Pique Vests: Censorship on the Russian Internet will be like in China." I wanted to read the comments of the people on the article, but alas, the “read more” link
    gives an error of 404. The only thing I can think of is that political censorship is already on the Internet. I used to be a big optimist. So soon nothing will be published on the hub without a preview by the moderator :(
    Here is the beginning of the article before Habrakat:

    Politics, or New Pique Vests: Censorship on the Russian Internet will be like in China

    from Habrahabr: Home / Forlorn by zboris

    Reflections on the topics of articles: “The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation proposes to introduce“ control of materials ”on the world Internet”; "Google in the service of the Chinese government?"; "The main shareholder demands that Yahoo defend freedom."

    Comrade Comrade Speech V.V. Putin in front of his supporters, finally convinced me that under no circumstances would I vote for United Russia.
    This hypocritical box that we hear from the mouth of the head of state acts as Putin’s anti-advertisement.
    Putin has been managing our state, in the form of the prime minister and president, for ~ 9 years, and at the same time, he contrasts himself with Gaidar, Chubais and Nemtsov, although all 9 years are comrade. Putin continued the reforms begun in our state by this team. Why lie so straightforward.
    The current economic prosperity of Russia owes much to the capitalist reforms that Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chubais and Nemtsov carried out in the 1990s, and it is shamelessly attributed to them as scapegoats, which the country underwent during the transition from Socialism to Capitalism . And today the result of large-scale economic reforms suddenly comrade. V.V. Putin personally ascribes himself, creating a cult of his personality - here he is a superman who alone was able to make Russia prosperous. But Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chubais and Nemtsov, who started the reforms, suddenly became enemies of our country. Shame on Comrade Putin, behave like in a kindergarten.

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