VoIP in Russia - FlashPhone.ru Service

    In the beginning of autumn, I wrote that Flex will receive phone calls . But our comrades, do not sit still. The service FlashPhone.ru appeared (by the way, Flash Ripper once wrote about it ).

    I am very interested in such services, since, at the moment, I myself am working on VoIP projects and therefore a little more about the service.


    One of the key features of the project is that the service allows you to make calls directly from the browser. You do not need to install anything (the main thing is to have Flash Player 9 and higher). All that is needed for calls is a headset and sufficient bandwidth on the Internet.
    You can also call via FlashPhone and from Pocket PC devices, for this you need to download and installFlash Player 7 for Pocket PC .

    At the moment, the service is in beta testing, but already at this stage you can
    make 3 test calls per day (talk time is limited to 3 minutes).

    The only thing that seemed uncomfortable to me was registration. I was able to register only on the 5th attempt. I don’t know, maybe I was unlucky that day, but I didn’t like it terribly.

    This unpleasant impression was immediately smoothed out, as I made three test calls to Moscow, Kazan and Tashkent. The quality was just great. By the way, I called both landline and mobile phones.

    So you can only wish good luck to a really interesting project ...

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