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    As promised, today a software development kit has appeared . It is proposed to create Java applications and run on Dalvik, a virtual machine running with the Linux kernel. The documentation has become available : “if you want to know how to develop applications for Android, you are in the right place. The site will provide you with all the necessary documentation that will help you understand Android and start creating applications for this platform. ” Right now, you can create your own first application for a new mobile platform.

    Announced Android Developer Challenge , with awards totaling $ 10 million - for "great applications built on the Android platform."

    There was an appeal by Sergey Brin with colleagues to the developers (thanks to Chapaev for the link ):

    Video summary: the main applications (browser, maps + Street View, contacts) are already working, and they look great ( the question arises: why in this case you should wait for the release of devices for so long ), but Google expects independent and powerful developers to create powerful applications ( here is the answer) Brin concludes: “You saw some of the applications that we have already created for Android. But the best apps are still not created. Because they will be written by you and many other developers, the same as you. We would like to award such developers, mark them as much as possible. So we decided to allocate $ 10 million to people who decided to develop the best applications using Android. We are looking forward to discovering truly great applications, innovative, feature-rich, original, that did not exist before. We look forward to seeing all of your work. ” Android Developer Channel

    created on YouTube, where you can find and post "video containing demos, tutorials, other information related to the first perfect, open and free mobile platform."

    Open: main site , blog , Android Developers Discussion Group .

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