Russian blogosphere crashed

    This was reported by Yandex, which released the next report on the state of the Russian-speaking blogosphere for April-September 2007. In fact, at the moment, the blogging market is stabilizing after rapid growth, although no one could have imagined such a sharp extinction. Just listen to the facts: less than 30% of blogs have been updated at least once in the last three months. However, no less interesting conclusions were made for each blogging site.

    became actually the hero and antihero of the report. Having thrown LJ from the throne - Liveinternet is recognized as the most popular platform, and at the same time a cemetery of abandoned blogs.

    Having lost the yellow jersey of the leader, LJ remained the oldest (25 years) and male (58%) Runet blogging.

    Don’t say that, but women like to chat most of all. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Diary service, where three quarters of the users - the beautiful half, is the most talkative - as a rule, this is one record in four days.
    Users of this site are so harsh that they write on average once every ten days - which makes this hosting the most silent.

    Other facts.
    About 600,000 comments are made by LJ and Liveinternet users per day. The
    peak activity of bloggers falls on:
    Weekdays: 17-18 and 21-22 hours
    Weekends: 22-23 hours
    Total blogs: 3.1 million
    Share of Russian-speaking users: 3%

    For additional information, it is recommended to download the report (
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