Resend verification emails from AutoCAD

    I am writing because there is nowhere to write more (not to Deniskin in PM).
    I managed to register an invite on auto-cad on the evening of the 7th day (I entered captcha the first time by 13 "!), Entered all the data and ... it turned out that my mail server turned out to be sloppy. The server went up, but the TTL of the message apparently expired and the confirmation link I didn’t receive it. How would I request it in a new way? I saw a link on “send the letter again” when registering, but I couldn’t find it in the history.
    I wrote several times in the comments to various discussion posts, but the question remained without answer. On the cadabra website, of course, there are no contacts - 'cuz it's b eta. I tried to write autokadabra @, info @ and admin @ from the bulldozer - all three letters returned with shit;)
    If suddenly “the right people” read it - under the cut my data:
    Login dorofej, soap - info sabachgo

    Eh, goodbye karma.

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