The domains ( whois ) and ( whois ) have recently become owned by Yandex (Yandex LLC). The first information on this subject was seen on .

    Does this mean that the Punto Switcher project was acquired by Yandex - is still unknown. In the LiveJournal of the developer, Sergei Moskalev , there is no mention of anything like that.

    It is also noteworthy that in the latest version of Yandex.Bar for Firefox, it got an address bar corrector function that automatically switches the layout if the address is typed incorrectly. Perhaps the developers or developers of the Punto Switcher helped this Yandex.

    UPDAs maksa correctly noted , so that the news does not look one-sided, it is worth noting that it is very likely that Yandex was interested in both its own search engine and the Punto developers themselves, as very valuable programmers.

    UPD October 13th. Version 2.95 of the Punto Switcher program has been released, the installer of which confirms the transfer of the program to Yandex ownership. Downloading the program moved to the Yandex server ( ), and on the Punto website Yandex.Bar is also offered to be downloaded. The search moved to the address

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