Yandex. Search by comments

    Yesterday, Yandex launched a search on comments in blogging sites. While this is LJ and Lear. But this is more than enough.
    In each discussion, all lines are important, and questions are usually asked for answers. Comments left on blog posts are often of no less (and sometimes more) interest than the posts themselves.

    Starting today, Blog Search is not only looking for blog entries. We are announcing the start of beta testing of the search by comments.

    You can experience it yourself now:

    Read on here .

    Separately, I highlight the ability to search for comments of a certain person:

    At first glance, a useful feature, you say. But if you think about it, that’s all, you know, a pretty strong blow to the privacy of each user. Of course, the developers offer and assure that we can hide our comments and posts from indexing, but yesterday the search engine indexed everything, including hidden discussions.

    And this is not even the case (by now they promised to fix it). The fact is that now it has become possible, without interference and sophistication, having entered a nickname, to see the absolute activity of a particular user - this can be said to be akin to the fact that you are being shot by a hidden camera ...

    The Internet is getting deeper and deeper into our lives ... To be continued ...

    UPD: in the comments kukutz assures that closed discussions are not indexed

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