Conference "User Experience Russia 2007"

    On November 8, the first User Experience Russia conference will open at the Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow , dedicated to the still outlandish topic of electronic technology usability. The date was not chosen by chance: for the third year in a row, the Association of Usability Professionals (UPA) celebrates World Usability Day , which by the very fact of its existence is designed to bring to society knowledge about the “need to simplify access and increase ease of use of products and services of particular importance to humanity ". This year, special emphasis has been placed on healthcare.

    During the two days that will go conference, it will actprominent world experts in the field of design and ergonomics, who will make several presentations on general topics of methodology and usability design features, as well as discuss particular issues of creating interfaces for people with disabilities, for mobile devices and intranet systems, as well as cross-cultural perception of technology . UsabilityLab and the edu) itonline training center are organizing the event under the patronage of the UN , UNESCO and the Russian Ministry of Communications . Habrahabr acts as an information sponsor.

    On the first day of the conference, reports of foreign experts will be in the spotlight. Maria Stonefrom Google will talk about the goals of the company in the field of usability. Eric Schaffer , founder and head of Human Factors International, will talk about the experience of his company, which is rightfully considered one of the world leaders in the industry. His colleague Apala Chawan will address the problems of adapting interfaces to the cultural characteristics of the user. Susan Fowler , founder of FAST Consulting and author of several classic GUI design works, will address the transparency of government sites. Shailesh Manga from Optimal Usability, a New Zealand company, will talk about his vision of creating world-class intranet systems interfaces. Victor Stenwick, the designer of UI from IBM, will hold a workshop with Mrs. Fowler on November 10 on ways to bypass the bottlenecks and expensive places in the process of designing web applications.

    The second day will include a round table "The effectiveness of interaction between the state and society through the Internet", conducted by the Union of Russian Webmasters , as well as reports and master classes by public experts. At the end of the conference, foreign guests will hold separate seminars for professionals, where strategies for developing interfaces of specific applications, such as search engines, as well as general points, such as taking attention to usability as a familiar practice in the life of an enterprise, will be discussed in all its subtleties.

    Details of each of the stages of the conference, including brief biographies of speakers and annotations to their reports, can be found on the convenient official website . You can register as a participant there. Please note that participation is paid and costs 7,000 rubles.

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