Russian-speaking resources useful for a tester

    A small list of Russian-language sites that may be useful to people associated with testing

    IT software for business. A
    project on information technology and business, the applicability of IT approaches, solutions and tools, methodologies and tools, the theory and practice of developing software and information systems starting from business analysis and requirements development through design, coding and testing to maintenance and support of IP.

    Former Formerly a community of testers. Now there is an attempt to cover all business processes related to software development. Forum available.

    LJ. Community of software testers
    Sometimes something is written there. Questions are usually answered.

    Agile russia
    The site focuses on various aspects of Agile software development. There are Agile articles on the site. And periodically announcements of seminars.
    The site is dedicated to flexible software development methods. There is a forum.

    Resource, which combines materials on the following disciplines - Business Analysis and Goal Setting, Requirements Collection and System Analysis, Design and Software Development Methodologies. Forum available.

    Section Testing and QA on the forum

    RSDN - Russian Software Developer Network A
    Russian-language programming site. The forum has a section on testing.

    Joel on Software in Russian
    Translations of Joel Spolsky's articles

    An international project that brings together four interrelated areas: technology; training; science; consulting. There is a set of interesting articles.

    Usability Bulletin. Editor Dmitry Satin

    QUALITY - Quality Management and ISO 9000
    The site is dedicated to quality management. The site has a fairly large number of articles. There is a forum (post-moderated).

    Forum of technical documentation developers, technical writers and translators

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