Controlling an Avatar in Second Life with Thought

    Computer control of what is called “no hands” is a phenomenon that is not common, but still takes place. But guessing to screw the “brain-computer interface” (BCI, brain-computer interface) to the Second Life game is definitely a shift. Moreover, both in technology and in the direction of expanding the scope of its application. Keio University’s

    biomedical laboratory staff in Japan also developed the BCI system, which allows the user to control the avatar in Second Life exclusively by the power of thought. To do this, just think about the movement of various parts of the body. When a user thinks about kicking, the avatar goes forward (well, or backward), and when a user thinks about moving with his hands, the avatar turns left or right. Which hand is mentally raised, there will turn.

    This system consists of a special “cap”, which is worn on the head and equipped with electrodes and the main module responsible for signal processing. The electrodes are responsible for scanning the activity of the three areas of the brain responsible for controlling the movement of the legs and arms. If activity occurs, then the system represents their BCI, which converts brain waves into signals to a virtual avatar. Thus, the user can control his virtual alter ego without even moving a finger.

    via Pinktentacle

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