New type of habratopic (in the sense of access)

    Now the site has two types of topics in blogs: for all and for subscribers only ...

    Maybe it’s worth introducing the third one: those who must first gain a couple of votes among the subscribers, and only then appear in new ones? ..

    The usefulness of the idea is not obvious, because rarely anyone post the closed topics at all (at least in those blogs that I read). But this new type of topics may change the situation - it is easier for a person to go for it, because such a post has all the chances to get on the main page. At the same time, initially the topic is closed and available only to subscribers, which fits into the rule about the number of open posts and care for people ...

    Yes, of course, this cannot be a substitute for closed topics.

    U: Oh, well, as always: clicked on the arrow down - leave a comment (if, of course, there is something to say) ... I wonder what the hell :)

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