The first Starbucks has opened in Russia

    As readers of the Lebedev blog have already noticed , a remarkable event took place in Russia: the country's first Starbucks coffee shop opened. This news is actively discussed in blogs , including abroad . The place for the first Starbucks was the Mega hypermarket beyond the ring road, where Muscovites really like to go on weekends.

    Russia became the 43rd country where an institution of this type was opened. Note that this event occurred with a delay of nine years. The company planned to open a coffee shop here back in 1998, but because of the crisis, it was forced to change plans.

    Coffee is brewed absolutely the same varieties as in America (the price of a portion is up to 230 rubles), but sandwiches and other snacks are adapted to Russian tastes (for example, a cheese sandwich was included in the menu). Will Starbucks be able to change the coffee culture of Russia? Until the end of this year, the second Starbucks will open on Old Arbat.

    In America, Starbucks has become a cult institution, the number of coffee houses there has gone wild for 20,000. In Moscow, there are 3,187 people in coffee shop, compared to 365 in New York and 126 in Paris.

    Thoughts on the opening of the Russian "Starbucks" guy who worked for several months in a New York institution and even rose to the rank of manager.

    The culture of Starbucks, if it takes root in Russia, will find positive feedback in the hearts of many Russians. Starbucks was founded in 1971, but it became what the world knows it in 1987, thanks to Howard Schulz. He offered consumers a democratic coffee shop - a self-service coffee shop. The assortment was not “coffee in general”, but latte, cappuccino, espresso, moka, macchiato and its other varieties. There are also a bunch of options that the world did not know until now: the client can choose the type of drink, the size of the cup, the type of milk (regular or nonfat) and so on. An individual coffee drink, the name of which is formed by the client himself, for example, Grande Regular Decaf Coffee or Venti Caramel Frappuccino with Cream and Double Shot Espresso.

    Probably everyone saw American people rushing to work across the jammed New York in American films, and holding a Starbucks glass stand and a croissant in their hands? “How to lose a guy in 10 days,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “I Am Sam,” “Duplex,” “Shrek-2,” I remembered in a minute.

    Starbucks also taught people to drink coffee on the go (75% of Americans leave the institution immediately after purchase). Will it take root in Russia?

    Starbucks is “third place” (a place where people can come to stay outside of their home or work). People just come there to drink coffee, read a book and work on a laptop. They can drink 2-3 cups of coffee and sit all day. Nobody is kicked out of the coffee shop. It was these gatherings that gave the world to Harry Potter, Joan Rowling wrote the first part in Starbucks. Will it take root in Russia?

    Amazing music playing in coffee houses is another plus for visitors. I am writing and listening to a disc brought from American Starbucks. Will she play with us?

    On September 6, Starbucks opened in Mega-Khimki, and by the end of the month they will open on Old Arbat. Of the minuses: prices are 40-50% higher than American ones. Not democratic! I can’t say anything else - I haven’t gone yet. I look forward to opening on the Arbat.

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