Russia announced the creation of a visited base on the moon

    Following the United States and China, Russia announced the launch of a program for the exploration of the moon. The program will start in 2025 by sending astronauts to the moon, and a permanent lunar base will be founded during 2027-2032, said the head of Roskosmos Anatoly Perminov at a specially convened press conference.

    According to Perminov, the Russian lunar base will be "visited", that is, the constant presence of people there is not yet assumed.

    In general, the Russian space program was formed before 2040, and it will consist of three main stages. “Until 2015, we will solve problems in the short term - we are completing the assembly of the Russian segment of the ISS so that the station regains its configuration designated earlier by international agreements and turns into a full-fledged space science complex. In addition, until 2015, we are going to carry out a deep modernization of the Soyuz spacecraft now in use and create a reserve for the future to create a new manned reusable spacecraft, ”Perminov said. Further, from 2016 to 2025, a medium-term program for the development of Russian cosmonautics is provided. "Is defined,

    The long-term perspective from 2026 to 2040 provides for the creation of a permanent visited base on the moon, and after 2035, the flight to Mars.

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