Let's look into someone else’s pocket. Couriers in Moscow.

    When I bought another box in the online store, I wondered - why is the delivery, as a rule, quite expensive and unhurried? Is it possible to do the same, but faster and for less money?

    Put ourselves in the place of the future owner of the courier service.

    How profitable is the business of transporting goods? We calculate the costs and profits of courier services in Moscow.

    The top positions of companies found through Google were analyzed. List of the analyzed companies:
    City Express .
    Courier Express Service

    Comparison options
    Delivery inside Moscow, analogue of a digital SLR camera (about 2 kg).

    City Express - 120 rubles (economy), 480 rubles (express)
    Skorokhodik.ru - 150-300 rubles
    Fortes - 330-420 rubles
    Courier Express Service - 300 rubles, 500 rubles (express)
    done.su - 260 rubles. Salary of couriers 10-12 tyr.
    Classic - 225 rubles and 500 for express.
    Strelsis-M - 300 rubles. Salary of couriers 8-15 tyr.
    Skorokhod - 180 rubles. Yes, a number of online stores work with him.

    Investments in business - office, call center, website, hiring employees with cars, customer search, plus any accounting and lawyer. About two months and $ 50K.

    The cost of the courier is in the region of 100 rubles per hour.
    If we assume that the courier leaves the car through half of Moscow (1 hour), takes half a dozen units of goods and delivers from the main altar (about 45 minutes per point), then we get ... about an hour per unit of goods. Total - the cost in pure form is about 100-150 rubles for the delivery of a unit of parcels. Add all sorts of unexpectedness such as traffic jams, theft, car breakdowns. Plus the costs of management, accountants and call center. We have about 200 rubles.

    Next comes optimization, grouping of orders from one district, etc. I suppose that this reduces the cost of rubles to 80-100 per unit of goods. The balance is one hundred rubles from each parcel. Or 100-200 rubles per car per hour, 500-1000 per day, 12-25 tyr per month.

    Drugs are clearly more profitable.

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