Yandex.Direct takes user interests into account

    Internet, August 23, 2007. Yandex.Direct started open testing of advertising display taking into account the interests of Yandex visitors. The new technology will allow users to see mainly promotional offers that interest them, and advertisers will be able to address their target audience even more targeted.

    User preferences are determined by their behavior on Yandex and sites participating in the Yandex Advertising Network. Based on the analysis of this behavior, advertising is broadcast on partner sites. The display of advertising taking into account interests, in essence, depends on the user himself: his preferences change - the advertising offer also changes.

    “Behavioral targeting determines the target audience, even on those sites where it is impossible to do according to the context of the pages viewed. And such sites often have a very wide audience, ”says Vera Suslova, manager of advertising technology at Yandex. - Adding behavioral targeting to contextual allows us to significantly increase the volume of the target audience, access to which we offer our advertisers. And in the first tests of the new type of targeting, it became clear that the CTR of advertisements displayed taking into account the interests of users is even higher than the CTR of thematic ads broadcast on the Advertising Network. ”

    Yandex.Direct is constantly expanding the possibilities of attracting and evaluating a quality audience. Since March 2007 Yandex.Metrica has appeared on Direct customers to test this quality - with its help you can independently evaluate the actions of the attracted audience on your website.

    All data on user interests processed by Yandex.Direct are protected by the Confidentiality Agreement. Yandex provides the user with the opportunity to refuse to take into account his interests when showing ads. Interest-based advertising display settings are available at: .

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