Training in St. Petersburg: Designing user interfaces

    On August 9-11, St.Petersburg will host the SEP-IDES training “Designing User Interfaces” led by Dmitry Satin. Course

    - To introduce the theory of human-computer interaction design
    - To introduce the concepts of ergonomics and usability
    - To provide knowledge about the general organization of the user interface and its elements
    - To teach user interface design, including for systems of various types
    - Introduce typical interface solutions
    - Provide knowledge about the basic processes of interface design (data collection, prototyping, testing, etc.)
    - Teach usability assessment

    The program is approved by the RusCHI Training Committee and recommended as a training program for professionals in the design of user interfaces.

    This training is designed for specialists involved in software development:
    - business analysts
    - programmer designers
    - testers
    - project managers

    Venue: St. Petersburg, ul. Obruchev, 1, Avalon Training Center : a


    Registration for the seminar ? aid = 30020525 & s = 50020535 & acid = 20020326

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