Mobile cards are now also in Russian

    Konstantin KuzminAt a press conference held today in Moscow, Google introduced an updated line of Russian-language services for mobile devices. Another replenishment of the family was Google Maps mobile cards, which were recently Russified in their “desktop” guise.

    Konstantin Kuzmin, Google Russia Marketing Director, explaining the company's special attention to mobile services, noted that there are more than 3 billion mobile subscribers in the world. In general, the number of its users exceeds the number of Internet users, so the company is trying to expand access to its services precisely due to the owners of PDAs and cell phones.

    Currently, the following products for mobile platforms are available for Russian users:
    • search (including iGoogle),
    • GMail (through a proprietary application or web interface),
    • Calendar (via the web interface),
    • News,
    • Cards.
    Press Conference & laquo; Google Russia & raquo;For Google Maps, which have become available in the Russian-language interface, a mobile application has been created that includes most of the features of the "big brother" - the direction of traffic on the streets, routing ("here - from here"), etc. Those who wish can now install it by going to

    Konstantin Kuzmin noted that the issue of monetization of mobile maps is not yet before Google: in some countries contextual advertising is available, depending on which region and what the user is looking for. In Russia, the Local Business Center is not yet available.

    Product Manager at Google Russia Maxim Azarov said that among the mobile services that are not yet available in Russian, is Picasa photo organizer. It can be expected that this particular product will be localized next in the line of mobile applications.

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