The future on templates is
    Sloth 2.0, or a web of cracks, because happiness is not in quantity.

    When drawings were discovered in a neighboring cave with more formidable boars, frisky fallow deer and courageous warriors, we traded this talented hunter for two-year-old women, a deer skin and a completely wonderful berry place.

    Two months later, the women returned on their own, because the hunters quickly lost heart, realizing that new great victories began to leave their primitive memory, which sucked in front of stone and paint, and their undeveloped speech apparatus lied to their native children about the benefits of berries, finally surrendering at night with own women.
    Meet the train
    And everything would have ended peacefully if we hadn’t begun to paint other people's victories for the meat, colors and short patience of foreign women. So soon it went - others run after wild boars, while we use their benefits in exchange for another heroic wall story for distant archaeologists who will never understand why one should sharpen a spear and brush, and the most ancient drawings will fly around tens of thousands of years after that how our new paintings will turn to dust.

    And even more ...
    When the way "I will learn myself - I will sharpen it myself - I will kill it myself - I will cook it myself - I will eat it myself" was broken, the first cracks went down the stone of character.
    When professions appeared, artists washed down, and then the Ford era began. Of course, cave art began to cause more interest than at the time of the authors, but it does not inspire our children, who must be brought up far from cities for a hundred years.

    Humanity is like a shy spaniel reading poetry to the next and last bowl of pies in his life.

    A little bit about the Internet
    Soon, handmade sites will be appreciated as the worst Stradivarius violins (out of respect for Stradivarius). Or like copies of Stradivarius violins :)
    Already today, to fart on the web, create your own blog on WordPress, paint it with templates and fill it up with easily accessible content, you don’t need to move a finger, not to mention livejournal diaries and other services.
    Thousands of ready-made templates, icons, banners, counters. You don’t need to think anymore - everything has been invented before you, find out, have a look, eat, swallow, relax and feel real mccoy for a while, until the web goes ahead again, inventing and selling you yourself to you.

    Social web
    Many second-tier social services, trying to make money on the number of visitors, do not particularly care about what these visitors do. An entire generation runs the risk of being raised in an empty and noisy room in which they ask questions that are suitable for any answer.

    After a hundred years, the sick children of our sick children will not tear off their fat asses to cover our children with a Scottish plaid, because our children will throw away the Scottish plaid!

    Web 4.0
    The third is understandable - most likely, it will differ in technological superiority from the second approximately like a Gilette with a large number of blades. But a good achievement in the fourth web would still be to force social networks to take to the streets so that they have at least more trees. Well, for this we need to work hard on the desires of users.

    Web 2.0
    We are building a new system of subtle values, spiritual needs and satisfactions

    Thank you for your attention. These were my thoughts)

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