Post-moderation introduced in Russia

    While we copy-paste in our cozy offices, practice in Albanian and listen to the languages ​​of the machines, censorship is again introduced in our uncomfortable homeland. So that pagans, Gestapo and other bearded gnomes do not cut each other, having read the next "What to do."

    The official Russian newspaper published a list of extremist materials. There are no sites, plugins, games and gadgets among them yet. There is a music album, film, books, brochures and articles. It is now impossible to publish them, otherwise they can give a term of up to 5 years. The Federal Registration Service (Rosregistration) makes a list of the banned , the courts and the Prosecutor General's Office help it. The list is updated in summer and winter.

    What is forbidden to print and twist in Russia this summer:
    1. The album “White Music” by Order.

    2. “The Book of Monotheism” by Muhammad ibn Suleiman at-Tamimi.

    3. Letters of the Rada of the land of the Kuban spiritual tribal power Rus N.M. Lozinsky and V.M. Geraseva.

    4. Several articles of the newspaper “For Russian People”.

    5. The film "The Eternal Jew".

    6. Brochure "Mother Earth: wonderful, wonderful, marvelous and marvelous. Introduction to Geobiology ”A.A. Dobrovolsky.

    7. Brochure "Paganism as magic" A.A. Dobrovolsky.

    8. Brochure "Who's Afraid of Russian National Socialism" A.A. Dobrovolsky.

    9. Brochure "The Judeo-Christian Plague" A.A. Dobrovolsky.

    10. Brochure "Sacred" A.A. Dobrovolsky.

    11. The article “Once we come with rotten tomatoes ...” A.A. Nikolaenko.

    12. The article "SS is knocking on your door, scum ..." A.A. Nikolaenko.

    13. The article "Acting ruler of thoughts" A.A. Nikolaenko.

    14. The article “The most constructive party” A.A. Nikolaenko.

    It is clear that these fourteen headings are not about Alice through the Looking Glass. But when they give deadlines for trash for idiots and label it “trash for idiots”, many immediately scratch themselves to find out what is inside. I bet a can of Coca-Cola that the sitar on this list will be higher than that on the most brain-killer ad in the I-Direct. Well, just censorship is like magic. Sit down, federal registration service, five.

    Additional literature:
    1. "The list of materials recognized by the court as extremist materials" (as officials at the Rosregistratsiya called it).
    2. A sort of polemic article in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with “Mine Campf” in the picture (plus the official censorship list).
    3. A note in Russian Life. “... It is interesting to follow, for example, the market fate of the film“ The Eternal Jew ”: for some reason, it seems that there will be much more people who want to see this picture after the list is published than it could be before. Obviously, there will be authors preplanning the inclusion of their works on an extremist list - something like rock bands specially writing music in the format of Our radio ... "

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