On the role of website visualization

    After the last article on design came out, several readers reproached me for underestimating the role of design and the value of the aesthetic component. They are wrong. Aesthetics really matter, and I'm talking about this to all my clients. But does a beautiful picture make people buy?

    Design as a factor of trust

    The question of buying online or choosing a company is not only a question of price and product characteristics. This is a matter of trust. Among the many factors that determine the visitor’s trust or distrust, it is the design that first catches the eye.

    Suppose you have to sign a million contract. You do not know who these people are who offer you a deal. You come to their office for negotiations.

    The rickety building in the industrial zone. On a shabby door, the marker reads "Superfirm." With a creak, the door opens, and now you are walking along a barely lit corridor, then down to the basement. It smells of damp. Wallpaper on the walls peeled off. A man in a zipped sweater gives you a stool and offers to drink cooled instant coffee from an unwashed cup. “Manager Vasily,” he introduces himself, casually holding out a “business card” printed on the printer with unevenly trimmed edges.

    Well, will you conclude a contract with them? Ready to entrust your million to them?

    When a visitor visits your site, his first impression is made up of the design. A site is both an office and a consultant all rolled into one. There will be no second chance to make a first impression.

    At the same time, I am convinced that people who want to buy, say, tires, come to the site just for the tires, and not to enjoy the beauties and special effects. And they will not buy tires because of beautiful pictures. On most sites, beauty is not the main selling factor. First of all, the site should not cause rejection or give the impression of a makeshift crafts. Aesthetics is a factor of trust.

    Is there only trust?

    Of course, there are products for the sale of which aesthetics are important. That which itself has to do with beauty, lifestyle, should be served beautifully. Expensive watches, cosmetics, jewelry are best served in a beautiful package. Here design will mean more. It will shape the atmosphere. I will talk about creating an atmosphere in one of the following notes, and now there will be a cold shower.

    Take a cold shower "

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