Google launched “maplets” - widgets for Google Maps

    Yesterday, Google officially launched the “mapplets,” which were previously in open beta testing. In fact, these are widgets that are added directly to Google maps - some of them were developed by the company itself, however, there are "maplets" that were made by third-party developers using the open API . Recall that the announcement of the “maplets” took place at the Where 2.0 conference at the end of May this year.

    The screenshot shows the Crop Circle widget , which can be added from the widget directory . Now the widget can be controlled from the sidebar of Google maps in the "My Maps" section.

    Widgets are hosted in an IFrame on Google Maps and may contain HTML, Javascript, and Flash. Google also has a Javascript API that provides widgets with access to map management services, retrieving content from another source, and saving user settings.

    via TechCrunch

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