To and fro or Lebedev on the site of St. Petersburg

    One friend of the director of the St. Petersburg studio told such a case about Lebedev.

    Lebedev won the tender for the development of the site of St. Petersburg . The site was made and immediately the government of St. Petersburg announced a new tender - to support the site. The tender was won by a friend’s studio, happily furnishing Lebedev.

    The studio, as usual, has its own CMS. First of all, she cut down the Lebedev CMS from the site (no one likes her), wrapped her own and began to maintain the site: publish press releases, news, etc.

    However, after a few months, employees of the St. Petersburg government began to lose interest in the site: they sent news of my friend to the studio, etc. The site has become irrelevant - what Artemy did not fail to take advantage of. According to simple logic, “an irrelevant site -> poorly maintained -> poor studio”, the site passed back into the hands of a self-aware one.

    What did Lebedev do first thing? Right! He took down the St. Petersburg CMS from there and put his own back.

    What is a fairy tale and what is not, I do not know, but there is a hint in it.

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