Russian sites recognized as the best according to FWA

    The creative agency Red Keds has once again proved that Russian web-art can compete with the western one; two sites developed by the Agency won the SOTD title (site of the day) in the British Favorite Website Awards project, which presents the most spectacular and high-quality flash sites from around the world. Favorite site becomes first site of the day (SOTD); after the end of the calendar month, the site of the month (SOTM.) is selected from the sites of the day. 12 sites of the month at the end of each year participate in the People's Choice Award (PSA), and the winner deservedly becomes the site of the year (SOTY).

    The prize was awarded to two sites developed by the Agency: Converse Russia ( ) and Honda CR-V ( The first site is a promotional site for fans of the Converse brand; young people who follow the release of new things and who are attracted by the overall style of the absolute recklessness of this brand. Each of the sections is a separate story, where none of the scenario lines has anything in common except for the stylistics of the decision and the emotional atmosphere. The main design idea of ​​this panoramic site is the emotional impact of different elements on a person individually and the whole picture.
    The second winning site is the promotional site of the Honda CR-V ( The main task was to show the CR-V as a modern crossover, capable of overcoming any obstacles of the past and future, and which fits into different atmospheres of city life. The design idea of ​​the site is based on the assembly of both the machine itself and the panoramas in which it is present, thus symbolizing the compatibility of the machine with the panorama presented. The site visitor is a city resident of 25-40 years old who constantly moves around the city, has an idea of ​​Russian road problems, and most importantly, the ideological spirit of Honda is not alien to him.
    All Agency websites, including Converse Russia and Honda CR-V, are made entirely by Agency employees, have their own design, software, sound and information on the websites.
    Project Manager of the Creative Agency Red Keds Vasily Lebedev : “It is always nice to get an independent assessment of the results of your work, especially when it is so high, because our sites have received one of the most prestigious awards. These awards help us grow, set new goals. Thanks to the FWA, we met a number of Western companies, acquired new international acquaintances and continued to improve in the direction of promotional sites to conquer new heights. ”

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