Cybersquatter protection - where to register domains in the * ru zone?

    Everyone has long known that special cybersquatters software analyzes domains that were requested to be checked for busy / not busy at most Russian registrars. Interesting and simple domains found in this way, cybersquatters register on the same day for themselves.

    I think everyone has encountered such a problem, or at least heard that something similar happened with friends. It’s a completely normal situation when you send an application for domain registration, and you receive a message that the registration was successful, and you can register NSy to the domain. The next day you find that the domain does not belong to you, and your registrar only shrugs your hands: during registration, it turns out that you did not fill out all the fields, or made some mistakes.

    Obviously, the only solution to this issue is to use exclusively verified registrars. Until recently, and were such registrars for me . But no later than the day before yesterday, colleagues reported that they tried to search for free domains on these services, the domains were found, and a day later, when they planned to register a set of domains, they were all busy.

    Which of these services leaked information is unknown, but the fact is quite obvious - about 20 different domains were used, which my friends checked.

    What turns out? Now and also can not be trusted? Share who uses which registrars in the * ru zone? I would also like to hear the opinion of the owners of and cybersquatters, if they, of course, want to say something on this subject.

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