Grips vs. Linux

    During an online conference on the website of the SB newspaper, the director of the administration of the Belarusian High-Tech Park Valery Tsepkalo said the following:

    My opinion is that a free system cannot provide competitiveness at the proper level, and ultimately it becomes as costly as licensed software. Remember the Lexicon. Our programmers did, no one paid for it. As a result, he could not develop. Microsoft, from my point of view, was even less preferable, but they paid for it. Where is Lexicon now, and where is Microsoft? So here the question always arises of the relationship between price and quality, between the fee for a service and the need to do everything yourself. you can take laundry to the laundry room and pay money, or you can wash it yourself. You can pay for Microsoft, or adapt Linux yourself for your tasks. he chooses each path. »


    As the saying goes, "no words." A person who has been appointed the head of such a large-scale project cannot distinguish between “free” software and “free" software ...

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